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How Does All This Work?

Let us explain our simple, three-step process to getting you a new job. Remember, we never charge you for our services and we do all the hard work for you.


Step One

We ask you a few questions via a simple online form. It only takes 5 minutes!


Step Two

We review your application and match you with the best recruiter we can.


Step Three

The recruiter will get in touch with you and begin your next career step. Simple.

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What Our Candidates Are Saying

It’s cheesy, but we’re proud of our placements. Read about them here!

“GlobalEdu8 was pretty straightforward. I was looking to be placed in Asia but found it pretty difficult to find exactly what I was looking for. I sent my information using the online form and a few days later I got a call from a lovely recruiter. We chatted about my needs and we arranged some interviews. I didn’t end up taking a job in Asia in the end, instead I took a post in South America via the same recruiter. ”

Jason Hoffman

Elementary Teacher

“I had my heart set on China from the day of graduation from teachers college. Through GlobalEduc8 I was able to get in touch with a recruiter who specialised in the Far East and Hong Kong. When I reviewed my options with her, I found out that Hong Kong was a much better fit for me and I sat a number of interviews with great schools. A few months later, here I am!”

Amber Roberts

High School Teacher

“It has been a long road from Ireland but I’m currently teaching in Kuwait, thanks to GlobalEduc8. I was fresh out of teachers college and had my CV with a number of big recruiting firms. I decided to fill out the online application for GlobalEduc8 and was really surprised when I got a call from a Candian recruiter the next day. We chatted about my experience and options, and a month later I was signing my first contract.”

Willie Burke

International School

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use My Data?

Our clever system reviews your data and matches you with a single recruiter. We don’t add you to a queue or lead list, your data is only sent to a recruiter that can help you. We don’t believe in spam or mass mailing lists of candidates.

How Much Do You Charge?

We don’t. Our service is free and always will be. You will never be asked for your payment details by us and we will never, ever charge you.

What Recruiters Do You Work With?

Many! We have a list of recruiters that we work with and they each specialise in a given area of the world. We match candidates with the best recruiter we can based on your individual criteria and placement requests. Like we said, we do the hard work and get you matched up so you can worry about what to pack when you land that dream job!

Can I Apply For A Specific Job?

Unfortunately not. We aren’t a job listing site and we don’t hold an inventory of jobs to choose from. We work the other way around. We take some details and match you with a recruiter that can help you get the most from your next career step. Our recruiters know the market and have access to nearly every job you can see on the jobs boards which you can request once we match you up. Its important to know that some schools don’t advertise their complete job vacancies so don’t worry if your dream job isn’t listed, we still may be able to find you one!

Can You Keep Me Updated On My Application?

Unfortunately, we can’t. Once you apply, we match you with a recruiter and hand off to them. We delete your data, except your email, to keep it safe. Your recruiter will contact you and they will become your point of contact for your application process. We regularly check in with our recruiters to ensure they are placing candidates and keeping them updated, but we ourselves have no visibility of your placement progress.

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